Who Are Road Halo Limited?

Road Halo Limited was founded in 2012 by insurance and motor prosecution defence professionals. The objective being to provide the everyday motorist with access to justice following an alleged motoring offence.

Drivers facing speeding tickets, allegations of careless driving, or claims of other motoring offences, may struggle to deal with what can be a confusing whirlwind of paperwork, legal processes and police interviews. Without the right advice and assistance many of those drivers may risk making uninformed decisions that make an already difficult situation even worse.

LicenceDefence by Road Halo Limited

LicenceDefence is an insurance product that pays for specialists legal fees, when defending or challenging a motoring conviction. By providing access to specialist legal advice, a helpline operated by motoring law experts, and up to £25,000 of cover for any one claim’s legal fees, LicenceDefence could help you to dispute fines and penalties, challenge cases wrongly brought against you, and secure professional representation in court

Our Vision 

“To enable everybody, not just those who can afford it, access to the same level of legal expertise. We remain committed to empowering motorists and providing access to justice for all”